Dick Gregory inspired me to boycott the NFL

“There is a profound amount of ugly in this world today. Consider some slight discomfort to make life a little better as we pay tribute to a lifelong crusader.” –Christian Gregory, son of Dick Gregory



Kendrick Johnson’s mom says witness arrested on bogus charges

The mother of Kendrick Johnson, the Black teen who was found dead in a gym mat, has issued a cry for help. Jackie Johnson has posted to her Facebook page startling news. According to her, a


15 quotes on life, race, and being Black in America by Dick Gregory

Comedian and Civil Rights activist Dick Gregory has left us with a vast amount of knowledge and humor. He touched the lives of many, great and small, and social media is full of tributes bearing


Rosie and The Fellas are bringing an authentic sound to the music world

Rosie and The Fellas are introducing a new, fresh sound to the city of Detroit and abroad. Detroit media mogul Randi Rossario and fellow band members True Animal, Corey Dunn, Mitch Kidd and DJ Nemo Beatz


The Taste of Black Chicago is diverse and delicious

  Mosque Mayram was the site for the first annual Taste of Black Chicago and it was a hit. People filled the parking lot of the Nation of Islam headquarters and sampled food from across