Twitter reacts to the parents of Trayvon Martin giving 1st interview since Zimmerman’s acquittal

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Trayvon Martin’s parents gave their first interview since the George Zimmerman was acquitted of killing their son. Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin sat down with “CBS This Morning” and discussed their thoughts on the verdict and how they would like the federal government to move forward with an investigation. Click continue to view Twitter reactions… Read more »

Trayvon Martin’s parents give 1st interview since George Zimmerman’s acquital

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The family of Trayvon Martin gave their first public interview since George Zimmerman was acquitted of second-degree murder and manslaughter charges in the shooting death of the 17-year-old college bound boy that touched off impassioned protests nationwide. Tracy Martin, Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon’s brother Jahvaris Fulton and family attorney Ben Crump appeared on the “Today” show… Read more »

Woman attacks soul singer for dedicating song to Trayvon Martin

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Lester Chambers attacked for Trayvon Martin dedication After dedicating a song to the memory of Trayvon Martin, a soul singer was attacked by a crazed woman reportedly enraged about the case. Lester Chambers, 73, was performing at Hayward-Russell City Blues Festival in Hayward, California Saturday when he was attacked by Dinalynn Andrews Potter, 43. According to the… Read more »

Honor Trayvon Martin’s memory: Set higher standards and work collectively

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Trayvon Martin did not stand a chance. George Zimmerman always had the upper hand. Gun loaded, he aimed for any opportunity to target an African American or person of color whose experience and interaction with him would be the stereotypical plight prescribed by perpetrators. Trayvon Martin did not have the attention of all those who now are wearing hoodies to support him in his walk in life, let alone his walk at night. Trayvon Martin had the unfortunate circumstance of not seeing himself in fast-forward or having the supernatural ability to rewind his behavior displayed by the average teen, including posts placed on social media that depicted actions that could be questioned. Trayvon Martin couldn’t pick his friends to testify on behalf of his character. Trayvon Martin didn’t have a disguise to cloak his blackness. All the charades of equality in our society robbed him of the opportunity to pick a jury containing a juror who looked like his mother or had given birth to an African American male child. The value of Trayvon Martin’s life was entrusted to individuals who at no particular point have likely ever held, nurtured or watched a Trayvon Martin walk as a toddler and grow up as a teen whose life is constantly threatened. The jury that Trayvon needed was not in place, instead the ethics of the state, the movement of social justice and the laws enacted to protect Trayvon Martin had been infiltrated by individuals who prescribe and support laws like Stand Your Ground, where lethal force is enforced and tolerated even when the victim is unarmed. Bodily harm and physical threat in the mind of a fragile and frightened teen existed, but no one cares. Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman were never going to be friends. In the end, a shot in his heart was a call out to the world that Trayvon Martin and Lil Wayne have something in common — the fact that both would be judged the same even in Trayvon Martin’s absence. The example that African American men have set — the antics and lyrics of hip-hop artists — have been consumed by these jurors. Unintelligence has been broadcast and etched in the minds of these six jurors and allowed by the black community. Networks like MTV, MTV2 and TBS have had a hand in creating a mind-set that life was not permanent for the Trayvon Martins and that George Zimmerman is, in fact, a victim based on this disillusionment. When the door closed, if there was one juror who even thought he should have been convicted, she was overruled by the majority, and unprincipled jurisprudence prevailed. The legal process failed Trayvon Martin. In the room with the doors closed, black life obviously meant less than the living white perpetrator. There are people who believe that Trayvon Martin was not a victim but a perpetrator. Who would perpetrate a crime with an Arizona drink and a package of Skittles? What does this say for the hip-hop generation? Maybe they’re far too comfortable with their own accomplishments taking for granted that the community or this country is no longer racist. I hope a standard is set for how much or how little communities appreciate or believe that we are equal or are fair to us. Trayvon Martin’s murder brings to question the value of African American life and the unconsciousness of two communities — insidious, mean-spirited racism that’s reinforced daily in our society. Let’s use our collective energy to reduce the dropout rate and crime against our own community and utilize social media productively — not to bully peers. Let’s come together and agree that we want more from a society that is finding each and every day a method and laws to reduce our freedom and economic accomplishments. Peace.

Juror B37 in George Zimmerman’s murder trial called Trayvon Martin ‘A Boy of Color’

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Juror B37 who served on George Zimmerman’s murder trial, spoke with CNN’s Anderson Cooper. Her interviewed offered insight on how preconceived notions can lead to unconscious racism. During the interview she said, “George Zimmerman feared for his life”; “George Zimmerman is a man whose heart was in the right place”: and “I feel sorry for… Read more »

Remembering Trayvon Martin

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  [jwplayer mediaid=”487273″]   After George Zimmerman was acquitted of all charges in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, Revolt TV takes a moment to remember Trayvon through photos of his life and nation-wide supporters.

8 black intellectuals react to George Zimmerman’s acquittal of Trayvon Martin’s murder

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George Zimmerman’s murder acquittal continues to spark outrage across the nation. Black professors who teach or have taught at some of the nation’s most prestigious schools have spoken out about the verdict. We have compiled a list of eight black intellectuals who have reacted to George Zimmerman’s acquittal of Trayvon Martin’s murder. Click continue to… Read more »

George Zimmerman’s brother claims Trayvon Martin was looking for guns, lean, and growing weed

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  [jwplayer mediaid=”487156″]   It’s not surprising that George Zimmerman‘s brother, Robert Zimmerman, would have many stereotypical and racist comments to further support the verdict in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case, but the lengths Zimmerman went to convince the public his brother is innocent, is beyond unacceptable. Take a look at a snippet of Robert… Read more »