Kim Kardashian quitting reality TV

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Kim Kardashian is not only the queen of the Kardashian clan, she’s the current queen of reality TV, having spent the last six years as the face of the Kardashian family’s omnipresent reality shows and becoming arguably the biggest reality TV star in history. Although the show has provided her with superstardom — and checks… Read more »

Marlon Wayans: The jokes don’t stop with this guy

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The Laughs Keep On Coming Story and Images by DeWayne Rogers Styling by Kudzi Karidza Marlon Wayans is really scared. But you’d never know it, since at the moment he’s successfully firing off side-splitting jokes in rapid succession that have the entire rolling out crew gasping for air. But what exactly has Wayans so frightened?… Read more »

Kim Kardashian’s ex-boyfriends and lovers

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Could it be true love for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West?! After news broke last week about Kim’s pregnancy, the social media world went into overload. One of Hollywood’s top serial daters, Kim has earned quite the rep by dating a variety of ball players, musicians, actors and models. Click continue to check out her… Read more »

Celebrity serial daters

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In Hollywood, the dating game seems to be so limited, that most celebrities share boyfriends and girlfriends. Relationships seem to be PR stunts rather than attempts at finding true love. Last week, the media was in a tizzy over Kim and Kanye’s baby announcement. But it hasn’t been an easy journey to love for either… Read more »

The most famous black reality TV stars

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Reality TV, while it is the decay of modern America to some, has launched the careers of many aspiring talents as well as the non-talents. Check out our list of the most infamous black reality tv stars today whose unreal reality roles launched them into Hollywood stardom. – ruthie hawkins

Twitter reacts to Kanye West’s announcement of Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are reproducing themselves. Shortly after midnight on the last day of 2012, Kanye West revealed on stage in Atlantic City that Kim Kardashian is pregnant. Moments after the announcement, the Twitterverse went crazy. Click continue to view several of the most interesting reactions to Kanye West announcement of Kim Kardashian’s… Read more »

Nick Cannon’s ex-girlfriends and lovers

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We’re not sure why actor -TV host Nick Cannon, who’s now married, chose to excavate the buried relationship between him and Kim Kardashian, as reported by rolling out’s Danielle Canada. But when you decide to go on the “Howard Stern” show — the godfather of radio “ratchet-ness” — you already know in advance that he’s… Read more »

Funniest Instagram images of Manny Pacquiao’s knockout

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Manny Pacquiao’s devastating knockout by the hands of Juan Manuel Marquez has become one of the most iconic images of 2012. Millions have viewed the image of Pacquiao laying unconscious for several minutes. To add insult to injury, Instagram and Twitter users have edited photos and placed the image of an unconscious Pacquiao in weird… Read more »

Eve says Stevie J sex tape ‘hurt her heart’

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While many of today’s celebrities thrive onmedia scandals, rapper Eve has been that rare star who’s remained out of trouble for most of her career. However, there is one glaring blemish on nearly perfect record — her sex tape with her ex-boyfriend, producer Stevie J. And though Stevie insists that the sex tape made Eve… Read more »

Trey Songz’s many ex-girlfriends and lovers

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You know you got it like that when you can slob down a beautiful celebrity female on stage while her husband is staring at you in the audience — in front of a nationally televised audience on a major awards show, no less. I was first clued into the sheer, raw affinity that women have… Read more »