Pictures of Kim Kardashian her PR team wishes would go away

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Kim Kardashian just can’t catch a break. From attacks on the reality star’s maternity fashion to the recent single dropped by her ex Ray J, “I Hit it First,” Kim’s camp is working overtime on damage control. Click continue for pictures Kim’s PR team probably wishes would go away as well. –ruthie hawkins

Top 10 black adult film actresses

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  It takes thick skin to enter the world of adult films. Most of the actresses aren’t typically paid well in the beginning and their adult movies could limit their career options once they retire. Furthermore, black actresses in adult films are often paid a lot less than their white counterparts. But there are a… Read more »

Celebrities who never should have done reality TV

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Reality TV not only revolutionized prime time TV, it also launched a new kind of celebrity and allowed for average Joes and Janes across the globe to get their 15 minutes of fame. Unfortunately, it hasn’t always had the same effect for celebrities who already established their careers. For many celebrity vets, reality TV shows… Read more »

10 best Kanye West rap lyrics of the past year

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Kanye West believes he was disrespected by MTV after he was named the No. 7 “Hottest MC In The Game.” Although the list can never serve as a true indicator of skill and talent, it’s apparent that rappers take it seriously. Rolling out has decided to compile a list of the 10 best Kanye West… Read more »

Meagan Good, DeVon Franklin at Walmart’s ‘Black Love and Relationships’ panel discussion

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Celebrity newlyweds Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin and other celebrities divulged their formula for successful marriages during the Walmart “Black Love and Relationships” program inside the Bank of America Auditorium of the Shirley A. Massey Executive Conference Center at Morehouse College in Atlanta. The panel discussion is part of Walmart’s “History Teaching History” Black History… Read more »

Designer Rafael Cox’s ‘Redemption’ fashion show in Atlanta

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On Thursday, Feb. 21, Atlanta fashionistas filled the Defoor Center for designer Rafael Cox’s first fashion show. Titled “Redemption,” the event was hosted by local radio personality DJ Traci Steele. The runway collection included brightly colored silhouettes, color blocking, peplum details and more as ladies strutted the catwalk. “I wanted to try new things and… Read more »

Kim Kardashian quitting reality TV

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Kim Kardashian is not only the queen of the Kardashian clan, she’s the current queen of reality TV, having spent the last six years as the face of the Kardashian family’s omnipresent reality shows and becoming arguably the biggest reality TV star in history. Although the show has provided her with superstardom — and checks… Read more »

Marlon Wayans: The jokes don’t stop with this guy

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The Laughs Keep On Coming Story and Images by DeWayne Rogers Styling by Kudzi Karidza Marlon Wayans is really scared. But you’d never know it, since at the moment he’s successfully firing off side-splitting jokes in rapid succession that have the entire rolling out crew gasping for air. But what exactly has Wayans so frightened?… Read more »