Justin Bieber a Baby’s Daddy?

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It looks like Jay-Z — and just about 9 out of 10 guests on the “Maury” show — isn’t the only one facing a paternity scandal these days. To the surprise of many, teen pop sensation and aspiring hip-hop wunderkind Justin Bieber was recently hit with a paternity lawsuit by a woman claiming that he… Read more »

Justin Bieber, LaLa Vazquez and Tyrese; LudaDay Weekend Exclusive Photos

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Entertainers and music fans from across the nation gathered in Atlanta to help Ludacris celebrate the seventh annual LudaDay Weekend. The festivities kicked off on Sept. 5 and lasted through the Labor Day holiday. Rolling out was hand to cover several events. Below are photos from the fun-filled weekend. –a.r. Photo credit:Lorenza Cantrell Click on thumbnails to… Read more »

Are Chris Brown and Justin Bieber the New Dynamic Duo?

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Chris Brown and Justin Bieber are quickly becoming a dynamic duo on the music scene, having first collaborated on the single ‘Next To You,’ and now on ‘Ladies Love Me,’ a hot track from Chris’s recently released ‘Boy In Detention’ mixtape. David Banner, the talented rapper/actor/producer, is the man behind ‘Ladies Love Me’ and recently… Read more »

‘Mooz-lum’ Earns More Per Theater Than ‘Just Go With It’ and ‘Justin Bieber: Never Say Never’

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Major Hollywood production and distribution companies would not finance Qasim Basir’s debut film, Mooz-lum. But after securing several private investors and signing a unique deal with AMC Theaters, Basir was able to get Mooz-lum in 11 theaters in 10 cities. Moviegoers responded enthusiastically to the limited release. Mooz-lum earned a respectable $12,712 per screen and… Read more »

Usher Talks Justin Bieber, Reflects on Grammy Wins

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Usher continues to silence the critics by quietly going about his work and making good music in the process. There are those who consider Usher to be a “has-been,” a singer who’s past his prime when it comes to reigning supreme as the master of his musical domain. But, those critics would be hard-pressed to… Read more »