Mel B storms off ‘America’s Got Talent’ after feud with Simon Cowell

Mel B threw a cup of water on Simon Cowell and stormed off “America’s Got Talent” after he made a joke about her wedding. The trouble started when Cowell, 57, critiqued escape artist Demian Aditya’s



Girl, 4, duct-taped to chair at day care center

A little girl, 4, was photographed duct-taped to a chair at a day care center in Missouri, enraging her parents. Elysha Brooks said in a Facebook post that one of the teachers at her daughter’s day


Is shea butter good for your skin? Dr. Chynna Steele debunks skin care myths

With the internet buzzing with the praise of coconut oil and shea butter, many wonder if these natural products are truly beneficial for the skin. Nationally renowned, board certified dermatologist Dr. Chynna Steele shares whether


5 artists to add to your ‘chill’ playlist

Jhenè Aiko’s music gives a certain feeling that’s always fitting for a chill environment. When creating an Aiko-inspired playlist, it’s imperative to find artists who blend with her style to keep the relaxed vibe flowing.


The 6th annual Westside Music Festival rocks Douglas Park

  The Westside Music Festival lit up Douglas Park in Chicago, once again. Families gathered from around the city to have a good time, eat some good food and listen to great music. This year,