[caption id="attachment_901936" align="aligncenter" width="540"]Photo Credit DJ Khaled Snap Chat screen shots Photo Credit DJ Khaled Snap Chat screen shots[/caption] DJ Khaled started Snap Chatting in the wee hours of the morning, as it was about that time for Kiko, his first child, to be born. Everything seemed to be happening exactly as he imagined. As soon as the doctor gave him the ok after his fiancée's water broke, viewers could hear his friends cheering in the background of what looked like the hospital waiting room. Photo Credit DJ Khaled Snap Chat screen shotsDJ Khaled shared much of the birthing process with followers on Snap Chat. In fact, halfway through, I fell asleep  and woke back up; Khaled was still snapping! He took viewers into the delivery room. He had his hand on his fiancée Nicole Tucker's belly and we could hear him telling the doctor, "My son wants to see me." Minutes after baby Kiko arrived, Khaled had his footprint inked on his arm. I wonder if Khaled will get a permanent tattoo in the same spot. Photo Credit / DJ Khaled snap chatAbout a month ago, DJ Khaled sat down with Wendy Williams and discussed his excitement that soon he and his fiancée, Nicole Tucker, would be welcoming his first baby boy into the world. I must admit I haven't seen a man express this level of excitement about his fiancée being pregnant in quite some time. Then again, we are talking about DJ Khaled, whose level of excitement on average is quite incomparable to the average person. [caption id="attachment_901964" align="aligncenter" width="580"]Photo Credit DJ Khaled Snapchat Photo Credit DJ Khaled Snapchat[/caption] Congrats to DJ Khaled and his fiancée. We are so excited baby Kiko is healthy and had a safe, smooth delivery into this crazy world. Check out more photos from Khaled's snap in the gallery.

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