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Annise Parker- City Comptroller Says She Can Lead Houston

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photo by steed media service

Mayoral Candidate

As one of the highest-ranking openly lesbian public officials in the country and current comptroller for the city of Houston, Annise Parker has her eyes set on the mayoral race.

The Rice University alumnus began her political career in 1997 with a run for the At-Large Position 1 seat, which ignited a firestorm. Most of the controversy centered on the fact that she was openly gay. “I think some people will like and accept it, but I know that many won’t,” Parker says. “I have never been disillusioned with what people may take my sexuality as.”

The mother of two quickly shifted the focus to her credentials and experience. “I hope more people will look at my record and all that I have done for Houston. I am second, rank-wise, only to the mayor and am term-limited as city comptroller,” she explained. “If gender or sexual preference weren’t an issue, I would be the front-runner in this race, but they [are], so I just have to deal with that.”

In these tough economic times, Parker plans to run on her experience as city comptroller to assure voters and citizens that she can help Houston thrive again. “What the city needs right now is someone that knows how to balance a budget [and] someone with a background in finance – I am that person,” Parker says proudly. “I will get Houston back where it needs to be if Houstonians give me the chance.” –jordan jennings