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arica adams- the beauty within

arica adams- the beauty within

photo by steed media service

CEO, Hazel Eyez Modeling & Casting

the 2007 BET Awards rolled through Los Angeles, a familiar face was in
the midst of the action, ensuring that the aesthetic value of each and
every event was up to par. That face belonged to Arica Adams, CEO of
Hazel Eyez Modeling & Casting. Through her full service model and
talent boutique, Adams has been able to skillfully place models and
other talent in magazines, music video, fashion shows, and of course
lavish Hollywood events, as seen during the entire BET Award weekend.

“Originally, Hazel Eyez began as a public relations firm back in my
hometown of Houston,” Adams explains. “But upon my return to Los
Angeles, and with the advice of my mentor Echo Hattix of Echoing Soundz
Public Relations Firm, I decided to pursue my passion full on, and the
results have been amazing.

” To say the results have been amazing would be a bit of an
understatement, as the Hazel Eyez brand has become synonymous with
possessing a crème of the crop talent pool. And while the rewards have
been great, Adams could never forget about the genuine struggle that it
takes to make a name for yourself in La La Land.

“There are a lot of challenges, especially when you start anything from
the ground up,” Adams confessed. “It doesn’t make it any easier that
I’m doing this out in such a tough market as Los Angeles. But as the
weeks and months go by, the name is steadily getting bigger, and in the
process we’re currently blowing these models up out here. I’m excited
about our future, and the futures for all of the models that we work
with.” – dewayne rogers