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darlene mealy – political firebrand

darlene mealy – political firebrand

photo by steed media service

Councilwoman, Brownsville/Brooklyn

Brooklyn borough Councilwoman Darlene Mealy was a social firecracker at
the National Action Network convention, lighting up the conference with
her colorfully vibrant personality, her palpable passion, and an
electrifying speech before the NAN delegation. The former neighborhood
block president and political neophyte simply willed herself into
office, riding the crest of her unconquerable tenacity and temerity —
becoming a role model worthy of emulation by all ages.

“We are going to demand what we want, and the only way to do that is by
organizing. You have to do something about it. We have to start writing
our district leaders. We have to start getting involved in political
campaigns, and not just passing out fliers,” Mealy said amidst a
successive outbreak of cheers. “We have to come together. Just like
they did when they wrote the Declaration of Independence, we all have
to go into that back room and start organizing and spreading our wings.
Like with economic development. We are the consumers; we have to bring
that money home.

” Mealy exudes relentlessness mixed with an impassioned advocacy of
black youth, while fearlessness and love clothe her large heart.

“You talk about the state of black politics. How is a young person
going to get involved in politics if we are not going to hand him the
mic?” she demanded. “We need new leadership in the 21st century that is
not scared. Sometimes it means not being popular, and it means that
sometimes you might have to stand by yourself. Are you strong enough