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dennis gentles- go-go gadgets

dennis gentles- go-go gadgets

photo by steed media service

CEO/President, Klegg Electronics

creating an upstart brand, any burgeoning entrepreneur must be aware of
the existing competition. Dennis Gentles, president and CEO of Klegg
Electronics, was fully aware of the challenges he faced competing
against monoliths like Sanyo and LG. “Marketing the brand is actually a
tough job when you’re looking at all the other huge giants that are out
there,” says Gentles. “What sets Klegg apart is our ability to create
products that work seamlessly together — with a focus on content and
[delivering] that content across a broad range of products.

Klegg’s great benefit is its connectivity and inter-compatibility. “We
believe that content is king and we’ve developed our company to focus
on how users can take full advantage of their content no matter where
they are,” continues Gentles.

Because of Klegg’s competition, the company has utilized different
tools to get the brand to the public.

“What’s helped us a lot is the fact that we’re a public company. A lot
of our investors have seen our company, invested in our stock, and gone
out and purchased our products,” explains Gentles. “We [also] go to
trade shows and meet retailers and individuals who want to distribute
our products.

” Klegg is dedicated to creating products that continue to make our
lives easier. For Gentles, guiding the company to new heights means
understanding the work that’s involved and continuing to stay committed
to excellence.

“There’s going to be bumps in the road; there’s going to be obstacles.
Working through those things is the key,” he says. “You want to be able
to quickly adjust to change, but have strong principles that you live
by — a road map [for] your life inside and outside the office.” –todd williams