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dr. gary mcgaha- training champions in business

dr. gary mcgaha- training champions in business

photo by steed media service

President, Atlanta Metro College

a business can be a fulfilling experience. But if the proper business
skills aren’t acquired, the business owner’s dream can become a
nightmare. To provide important business knowledge to current and
potential entrepreneurs, Atlanta Metro College has teamed up with the
Georgia Association of Minority Entrepreneurs to create the Center of
Entrepreneurship. “The Center of Entrepreneurship is something that
we’re very proud of,” says Atlanta Metro College’s interim president,
Dr. Gary McGaha.

“The benefits of enrolling in the business program are that you learn
how to move your business forward and stay on the right track. Many
people start a business who aren’t well equipped. They run into bumps
on the road and we can teach them how to grow and maintain their
business effectively.” Dr. Marie Firestone is the director of the AMC
Center of Entrepreneurship, which is open seven days a week and
provides morning, day, evening and weekend courses. To reach out to
aspiring entrepreneurs, AMC recently held their 2007 Entrepreneur Expo
at Greenbriar Mall.

excited about going to places like Greenbriar because we’re right in
the community,” says McGaha. “We want to make ourselves available to
the people who are here.” For individuals looking to start a business,
the AMC Center of Entrepreneurship can provide the tools for success.
“The first step is to call the college,” explains McGaha. “So many
people in our community want to start a business, but they just don’t
know what to do. We can teach them what they need to know.” amir shaw