fierce people

fierce people

Lionsgate Films

is a profound film about class in America. It’s adapted from a book by
author Dirk Wittenborn, about a massage therapist, Liz Earl (played by
Diane Lane), who wants to leave New York City to join the father of her
son. Liz is mostly absent from her son Finn’s (Anton Yelchin) life, and
so Finn grows up watching home movies from his dad, an anthropologist
in South America. Liz decides to cater to a wealthy client, Ogden C.
Osborne (Donald Sutherland), and takes Finn with her to Osborne’s
palatial estate. How will Finn fare being around the wealthy
inhabitants of Osborne’s home? Dramatic, comedic, mysterious, and
loaded with important questions about life in the modern world, Fierce
People is difficult to categorize, but easy to qualify. It’s great. – forrest green III

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