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jan mason – bypassing human error

jan mason – bypassing human error

photo by steed media service

President & CEO, Exodus Human Resource Services Corp

Lord often works in mysterious ways and presents people with the
unexpected. When Jan Mason fell victim to corporate downsizing after
eight years of committed service, she knew that strong faith would
carry her through such a turbulent transition. “It’s a God idea. I just
went in prayer about what I should do next and God put it on my heart
that I should open up my own human resource business,” says Mason.

Now the president and CEO of Exodus Human Resource Services Corp, Mason
has seen her dreams materialize with extraordinary strength. She offers
superior human resource services for African American businesses while
providing jobs for viable candidates. With the company still in its
first year of operation, Mason is excited about the momentum that EHMS
has gained in such a short period and the direction in which her
movement is headed.

“In the state of Michigan, you hear that the economy is bad and I want
to be one of those people who assist people in working and not have
that attitude that Michigan doesn’t have jobs,” she says. “There are
jobs out there; it’s just that we need to take the time out or help
people find those jobs.

” Mason’s corporate experience and entrepreneurial background have
given her insight with helping others develop a stable foundation for
their careers.

“A lot of times, companies approach people and tell them that [the
company has] have all of these things to offer, but they don’t give
[the people] all of the things that they’re looking for. Exodus Human
Resource Services is a company that will give you what you’re
expecting,” finishes Mason. – jason thompson