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jenika p. thomas – my assistant’s assistant

jenika p. thomas – my assistant’s assistant

photo by steed media service

Business Manager, Frank Ski of V-103 Atlanta

with celebrity elite, exotic vacations, exclusive parties—such is the
life of Atlanta’s top radio personality Frank Ski. You can bet that
when the ratings go up, the perks trickle down.

“I’m really blessed in that regard,” says Jenika Thomas, business
manager to Frank Ski. “Wherever Frank travels, so do I, including the
winter trip and summer trip where [the show] travels to different parts
of the Caribbean. [I] even [travel] in between when he DJs in other
cities and countries.”

Thomas’ job isn’t all after parties and 5-star lobbies. Her days are
spent fielding endless amounts of phone calls, putting out fires and
navigating the direction of the Frank Ski brand.

“On a typical day, I get up a little bit before 5 a.m. and go workout
with my fiancé,” says Thomas. “I come back, fix breakfast and listen to
the radio, emailing or messaging Frank back and forth when I hear him
either mispronounce a name, word or deliver some content that isn’t
correct. I put fires out at least every other day. I talk to Frank at
least 40 or 50 times a day.”

Possessing a degree in psychology, Thomas never imagined she’d be a
personal assistant to a radio personality but is nevertheless enjoying
the journey.“The funniest thing about my job is that people always ask,
‘What did he do before you came along?’ or ‘What will he do after?’ I
never think about the after, but I don’t lose sight of [the fact that]
one day he will retire and I’ll start a family.” – adam jones