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kittsville youth foundation – giving back where it counts

kittsville youth foundation – giving back where it counts

photo by steed media service

Nonprofil Community Organization

city of Los Angeles has a gem hidden right in its midst. Founded in
1965 in Watts, the Kittsville Youth Foundation was established by
Eartha Kitt in an effort to provide cultural and educational enrichment
for youth. During its 42 years of existence, the program has continued
to grow. The community continues to embrace it, as it provides children
with a constructive way to stay off of the streets.

According to executive director Wanda Lee Evans, the program’s contribution to the community is invaluable.

“I can honestly say that I know firsthand the value of this program,”
she explains. “I was 12 years old when I first started studying dance
with Eartha Kitt, and the lessons that I learned along the way still
resonate within me today. The same can be said for others that have
been fortunate to be a part of such a wonderful program.

” But as with any nonprofit agency, the supply often falls well short
of the demand. “There are so many people that we would love to help,
but financially that can become a challenge at times,” Evans adds.
“We’re asking for any and all help so this foundation can continue to
thrive and support the children of our community. So, whether it’s
money, your time, or your ideas, we welcome it all for the betterment
of our children.” – dewayne rogers