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modern sofas

modern sofas

the evolution of modern furniture design, a basic sofa purchase can be
intimidating. The sofa has evolved from a simple box frame with plaid
fabric to artsy, comfy all-foam structures and sleek one-seaters on
stainless steel bases. The right sofa can set the tone for an entire
room. Check out what’s hot in the world of mod sofas; the following
selections include cutting-edge classics that are both comfy and
artful.. -melody vaughn

This lightweight, all-foam armless sofa is from Ligne
Roset. $3,310

Great for kids and design snobs! This microsuede sculptural piece is
stain-resistant and available in many great colors. Designed by Vladmir
Kagan, it serves as a great conversation piece. $1,699

Check out this classic loveseat gone mod. Its stainless steel base and
wool cushions equal pure urban elegance. Classic Loveseat $900 White
Furniture Industries (212) 966-6711

From clothes to furniture, Ralph Lauren does it again. His refreshingly
understated sofa has captured the true essence of modern furniture with
its sharp angles, uninterrupted lines and seamless, single cushion
seat. $3,660 Ralph Lauren Home (888) 475-7674