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noel hornsberry- a brave new world

noel hornsberry- a brave new world

photo by steed media service

Director of Diversity, Leo Burnett USA

multifaceted advertising agency Leo Burnett USA has been partially
responsible for the success of many clients including Kellogg’s,
Wrigley, and McDonald’s for the better part of the century. With 20
plus years experience in retail sales, Noel Hornsberry, Leo Burnett
USA’s director of diversity, knows the importance of leadership and
staying committed to the community.

“I realized having a diverse team — a team that matches the communities
that we serve; a team that’s able to drive results for the business —
is important. Coming into my diversity role for our organization was
important for me and the organization, so that we could expand our
business opportunities,” says Hornsberry.

With a large focus placed on involvement in the community and with
community organizations, partnering with programs such as the National
Urban League and the Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement is a
vital part of their core values.

“If we have diverse representation within our organization, it’s easier
for us to reach out to our communities [and] reach out to our
customers,” adds Hornsberry. “Therefore, in return, they want to do
business with us and that’s what we’re there for.

” Leo Burnett USA’s mission is to provide the best customer
satisfaction for their clients and create a diverse and inclusive
environment for their associates.

“We want to mirror the communities and have associates that can relate
to the customers because they feel more comfortable doing business with
us and we can have good working relationships,” says Hornsberry. – f. bangal