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sabai burnett- in it to win it

sabai burnett- in it to win it

photo by steed media service

Co-Owner, Hayes Media Group LLC

working for several companies throughout his career and being solely
responsible for connecting their brand to its consumers, Sabai Burnett
felt it was time to channel that energy into his own endeavor.

“It got to the point where I was ready to jump out there and start my
own agency, and at that same time the perfect opportunity presented
itself,” says Burnett.

Now part owner of Hayes Media Group along with two other partners,
Burnett is living his lifelong dream of being in control of his own
destiny with a multifaceted media entertainment and marketing company
specializing in creative, strategic thinking. With a wide range of
services including PR, film production, Web site development, event
coordination, in addition to apparel and footwear design, Hayes Media
Group specializes in exceeding their clients’ expectations.

“I think where the marketplace is going it’s time, and [it] has been
time for a while now to change how brands target and speak to the
consumer. What we do at Hayes Media Group is give companies a more
tactical and strategic plan on how to do so,” explains Burnett. Still
in its first year of operation, Hayes Media Group has already wowed
such clients as Rockport and Box Fresh Pictures with the meticulous
attention to detail clients receive. But Burnett foresees even greater
achievements for the company in the future. “I want to see that we’re a
publicly traded company that still has an opportunity to maintain that
mom-and-pop mindset and cater to the needs of our clients,” he says. – jason thompson