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tony waller- operating in good faith

tony waller- operating in good faith

photo by steed media service

Director, Diversity Relations, Wal-Mart Inc.

Tony Waller, the director of diversity relations for Wal-Mart Inc.,
intimates that the work that 100 Black Men of America, Inc. does
corresponds with what Wal-Mart accomplishes internally.

“We love working with the 100 because of the work that they are doing
to try and help our young people and prepare them for efforts in the
future,” he says. The future, Waller alludes, includes the wonderful
opportunities unveiling themselves in the age of globalization and the
information superhighway.

“We have to be prepared to address the challenges and the opportunities
that globalization brings to us. And try to ask yourself this question:
How is this information and [how are these] events impacting me?” says
Waller. “With young people today — really with everyone today — I tell
them this: you have to be focused and understand what is impacting the
world today. Not just your community, but the entire world. How are we
keeping up with the information? Are we using the Internet? Are we
reading the newspapers, trying to keep up with the latest information
that is impacting our world?” These are some of the questions that
Waller asks himself in order to help keep Wal-Mart, one of the world’s
perennial corporate leaders, ahead of the curve.

“My ultimate goal is to try to figure out a way to distinguish the work
that we do at Wal-Mart from every other retailer … and every other
corporation in America,” he says. How do I make sure that the work that
we do has an impact that no other company, no other entity, no other
retailer is having?”

It’s because of these types of questions — and the subsequent answers
that blossom from within Waller — that Wal-Mart remains on top. – terry

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