andrew ingraham – creating community wealth

andrew ingraham – creating community wealth

photo by steed media service

President/CEO, National Association of Black Hotel Owners, Operators & Developers

This really isn’t a secret, but it still needs to be said. Black people
really do know how to spend money. So much so that as a community we’re
the largest consumers in this country. With all of this money going
out, it has become increasingly critical that we begin to pour money
back into the black community. We encourage the creation and growth of
more black businesses. A glaring area where more blacks need to
participate is hotel ownership, which is why the job of Andrew
Ingraham, president and CEO of the National Association of Black Hotel
Owners, Operators & Developers (NABHOOD), is so very important.
Under his leadership, a widespread campaign is now underway to promote
growth within the ranks of minority hotel owners.

“I mean,
what can you say other than there is a glaring lack of African American
hotel owners within this country,” Ingraham begins. “That fact alone is
startling once you consider the amount of money that black people pour
into the hospitality industry each year. So it’s our job to promote and
educate people on how they can go about becoming an owner in this huge

So every opportunity that he gets, Ingraham is pounding the pavement,
attempting to target new opportunities to expand the awareness of the
hotel industry within the black community. “Every chance that I get,
I’m trying to shed light on this problem,” Ingraham passionately
explains. “I just really think that the time is now for us to tap into
such an underused resource, meaning the hotel industry. The amount of
wealth and jobs that can be generated for our community by just getting
more blacks involved should be all the motivation that one needs to at
least research the opportunity.” –jason thompson

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