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arnaz smith – one-man band

arnaz smith – one-man band

photo by steed media service

Producer, Cold Summer

Arnaz “The Nasty One” Smith believes that there’s something missing in
hip-hop. Smith, who has studied music since he was a child, notices
that much of today’s rap music lacks instrumentation. As the in-house
producer for the Young Jeezy-led Corporate Thugz Entertainment, Smith
has created a signature sound that blends hardcore break beats with
symphony-like acoustics.

“I took a look at the rap game and saw that there wasn’t real music in
it,” Smith says. “A lot of producers don’t have a foundation in music,
so their beats begin to sound generic. You have to know what music is
to be great at producing.”
While Smith had the choice of playing the drums or keyboard in several
live bands, he decided that producing would have more long-term

“I love playing music, but it was just something more exciting about
creating it,” he says. “Plus, the musician gig would’ve been a lot of
work without the equal pay.”

Smith’s career decision has paid off in 2007. Along with producing the
single “Corporate Thuggin’ ” and four other tracks on USDA’s Cold Summer, Smith has produced songs for Bohagan, Big Kuntry and Rock City.

For up-and-coming producers looking to make a name for themselves,
Smith believes that creating a library of music is the key to becoming

“In today’s hip-hop, you can take an [untalented] rapper and make them
hot with a good beat,” he says. “But you also have to have a catalog of
beats. If you don’t follow up after three months with another hit,
people will forget who you are.” – amir shaw