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Finance building wealth the right way


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building wealth the right way

Building wealth can fulfill dreams, fund aspirations and create a
lasting family legacy. Many of you may have questions out there, so
we’ve decided to answer some today in an effort to jump-start the
wealth building process for you.-dewayne rogers

Why is building wealth so important? What are some key methods to building wealth?

Perhaps one of the best greatest aspects to building wealth is
when a family is able to take the first step toward buying a home. Why?
Because real estate continues to appreciate in value. It is also
something you can take a loan out against if need be, and it provides
one with a sense of security. In addition to the power of owning a home
and/or property, possessing savings accounts shared by family members,
and having an insurance policy also provides assets with which one can
begin to build, to multiply, and to over time, sustain themselves
through retirement, with enough to pass on to their children when done

That all sounds good, so how do I get started?

The first step of saving is to sacrifice, so that you can have
something to show for your hard work when tomorrow comes. In addition,
one must also reduce the practice of impulse buying and instead trade
such a behavior in for more planned activities as it relates to resale,
such as joining wholesale clubs, and using coupons. Some other helpful
methods include, paying one’s self first to promote a lifestyle of
saving, investing in stock, securing the proper type and amount of
insurance, and consulting a financial planner to develop a sound
financial plan for the future.

Thank you for the advice.

You’re welcome. And remember, a family that saves together stays
together. For the future of everyone’s harvest is preparing and being
prepared at all times. So have a plan, have a goal, and stick to it.
But that doesn’t need to be the end of this discussion. Below are a few
resources that will assist in your journey to financial freedom.

Two good resources for first-time homebuyers

Chase Bank-
Washington Mutual-

Two good resources for those searching for a financial planner

Charles Schwab www.schwab

Two good resources for those in need of home insurance

All State Insurance-