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james harvey – his cutting edge

james harvey – his cutting edge
photo by steed media service

Master Barber, Chine Barbershop

traditional capacity of the barbershop in the black community has
always reached beyond the responsibilities of just being a place to get
a haircut. It serves as a community resource where men are able to
share their perspectives on sports, current events and what’s going on
in the neighborhood. At Chine Barbershop in Chicago’s Bronzeville area,
master barber James “Red” Harvey carries on the legacy of being the
nucleus of information.

“The barbershop is the hub. It always
has been. With the change in times, things change. The barbershop is
where you get all your information. I make it a point to know what’s
going on,” Harvey explains.

Harvey discovered his natural talent when he performed his first
haircut in the basement of a friend’s house. Twenty-one years later, he
possesses an elite proficiency in his craft. With an aura filled with
wisdom and humility, Harvey attributes the longevity of his career and
the maintenance of a healthy clientele to his skill and his ability to
remain mindful of his customers’ preferences once they take a seat in
his chair. “I have a lot of customers who [work in the corporate
world]; some are pastors of big churches and some customers are
athletes. Most of my professional customers, when they come into the
barbershop they don’t like to talk about their jobs. It’s their place
to release,” he says. Regardless of the nature of your visit to Chine
Barbershop, two things that Harvey makes readily available are good
conversation and a great cut. –jamana jamison