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keep your hands on the community

keep your hands on the community

Wouldn’t it be nice if the hourglass of the relationship we could see?
To understand what it is, and what it will mean, what it will become, and what it will be?
Wouldn’t if be nice if we could actually have that hourglass in our hand?
Yours on top, mine on the bottom and then we both would understand?
That when we work in unison, we can turn it when we choose to
We’d never run out of time for one another if we really want to make it through.

Silence is our vision of what will be.

The understanding of love, the value of honesty, and the ideas that
come from above that describe what it is to love one another within the
time that love lasts. And each turn that we do in unison then we let
time grow together with us as it does pass. Tribulations and
transgressions will cause time to move fast too. That’s when both hands
are not moving and the other does not or should not choose or know what
to do. Time stands still for one hand and moves for the other very fast
And that’s when the hourglass is no longer invisible and we can see
that the relationship will pass.

Being able to see the hourglass of love.
Understanding what it is to make it come from above when feelings are
there and love wants not to be one but two When the vision of unison
and happiness and spending time together and sharing is all he two of
you want to do. Yes, there are moments when the glass may even seem to
be still. That’s when love is hot and the fire is moving There’s only
love that will make things happen, will make them compromise, and will
not doubt, and will not be jealous and will not let any other but hold
love still.

So here it is the hourglass and can you see it with your eye? Can you
put your hand on top and the other be your love’s hand under the bottom
and it move in unison and you know why? When someone shares their
concerns and their feelings with you, will you accept them and accept
their comments and know what to do? Will you be honest and honored and
not run away? When someone tries to love you and lead you into another
day, will you not let yesterday be how you love today? Will you find
the place where the hourglass is more than just for an hour each day?
There’s a need for love to come and be a part of who you are. There’s a
need for the hourglass to take you very far.

Visualize the hourglass and count each grain of sand and love and make sure you learn to fill it up with love from above.
There is an hourglass for each and every person so make sure you love someone gingerly.
Don’t run out of time. For you won’t know what to do.


Munson Steed, Publisher