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kymm barnett – beauty personified

kymm barnett – beauty personified

photo by steed media service

Creator and Executive Producer, Ms. Thick & Lovely

Like the flick of a light switch, Kymm Barnett’s vivaciousness
illuminates a room with her energy and positive vibes, altering the
environment immediately. Barnett is the very personification of her
organization, Ms. Thick & Lovely, for which she is the dynamic
creator and executive producer. Ms. Thick & Lovely seeks to infuse
high levels of self- esteem and pride in full-figured young women
nationwide through a variety of fronts. “This is organization is very
important because we have so many full-figured women who want to be
loved and who want to be paid attention to,” says Barnett, whose
K.Y.M.M. Inc. – which stands for Keep Your Mind Moving – is the
umbrella under which Ms. Thick & Lovely operates. “We say . put
yourself out there so you can show that you can do what others can do.”

K.Y.M.M. Inc. will also put together a Ms. Thick & Lovely Pageant
in November, and will produce a newspaper, Health and Elegance News,
which chronicles the full-figured women’s positive progressions in
life. They will also sell clothes, ranging from sizes 14 to 22, on
their Web site. Every other Wednesday, K.Y.M.M. Inc. will hold classes
for young women, teaching them etiquette, makeup application, and
mental and physical beauty.

And just what is a Ms. Thick & Lovely? “Voluptuous. Big, bold,
beautiful, and bodacious,” proclaims Kalema Barnes, the executive
assistant. “You should love yourself and accept yourself and be
confident. We want them to show younger full-figured women to be
confident in who they are and be proud of themselves.” –terry shropshire

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