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scribe’s note

scribe’s note

photo by steed media service

a hole-in-one

In the golf world, a hole-in-one signifies a mark of greatness that few
are ever able to achieve. When it does occur, onlookers take the time
to applaud, and appreciate history being made right before their eyes.
In a metaphorical sense, Big Boi from the super group OutKast has been
able to live a “hole-in-one” type of life. From music, to business, to
his home life, and now movies, he’s been able to achieve at a level
that few are able to ascend to. For that reason alone, he is a worthy
candidate to be featured on this week’s cover.

The same can
also be said of the business leaders featured in our exclusive
executive suite. By living their own version of a hole-in-one
lifestyle, these leaders have been able to accomplish impressive feats
within their respective field. They, too, should be applauded for their
contributions to our community.

So this week’s entire book
will focus on being a “hole-in-one” in its entire scope. From the
celebrity features to the lifestyle tidbits assembled for your reading
pleasure, all of the content reflects the highest level of commitment
and dedication from our talented team. Enjoy. dewayne rogers

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