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stephanie d. neely – keeping fiscal health on track

stephanie d. neely – keeping fiscal health on track

photo by steed media service

Treasurer, City of Chicago

she stands a little more than 5 feet tall, Stephanie Neely, treasurer
for the City of Chicago, has more than 20 years experience under her
belt, which makes her a giant in her field and quite able to handle the
fiscal affairs of the “Second City.” Elected this past February, Neely
earned the confidence of Mayor Daley when he appointed her to the
position in November of 2006. Neely said the treasurer is responsible
for protecting principle, providing liquidity and earning interest by
investing city dollars-to the tune of $7 billion-in an array of
financial instruments to insure the best return for taxpayers.

“Money isn’t wealth. Wealth means abundance. You can be poor and still
be wealthy. You can be wealthy and it doesn’t mean you’re rich,” says
Neely, who prides herself on speaking to youth about finances and has
already provided her eight-year old son with the basics of money

Neely has made helping out small business owners a top priority of her
office. People know Chicago as a “City of Big Shoulders,” but it’s also
a city of small businesses. On Friday, August 3, the City Treasurer’s
Office will hold their annual free Small Business Expo at McCormick
Place. Anyone interested in starting their own business or improving an
existing business is invited for a full day of free workshops and
networking with hundreds of vendors who offer expert services for small
businesses. -tony binns

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