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work in progress mechanics can make six-figure incomes

work in progress

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mechanics can make six-figure incomes

car owners, vehicles can mean more money and more problems. For car
technicians with the proper training and certification like Tommy
Lawyer, vehicles can mean more money.and more money. Lawyer, who was
one of BMW’s top 10 automotive technicians in the country in 2006, was
awarded with an all expenses paid five-day vacation to Ireland. That’s
just one of his job’s benefits. An automotive technician who secures a
position at a reputable dealership can earn more than $50,000 their
first year out of school, Lawyer says, and that can increase rapidly.

“The [dealership] atmosphere is better, [compared to the normal
automotive shop],” he explains. “The pay is better and the benefits are
better.” The Savannah, Ga. native, who is a graduate of Atlanta
Technical College’s Automotive Technology program, became fascinated by
mechanics as a child because his uncle repaired cars for a living. He
chose Atlanta Tech because it was close to home and he knew it would
provide the best environment. Since graduation, Lawyer has excelled at
his profession, crediting his strong work ethic to a solid educational
background. “Atlanta Tech laid a good foundation,” Lawyer says. “They
kept on me and made sure I did all the schoolwork.” Lawyer received a
HOPE scholarship and used it to finance a portion of his education. In
addition to undergoing extensive training in mechanics, he was also
required to study general subjects like Mathematics, English and
Psychology during the two-year program.

Lawyer, who has also
worked for Firestone and Goodyear, says the opportunity to work for a
major dealership was a perk of attending Atlanta Tech. During his
second year in the program, BMW’s Metro Step program selected him to
participate in their unique recruiting program. He spent six months
alternating weeks between classes and hands-on training. Lawyer’s
superior customer service skills earned him a place as a fulltime
employee at the largest BMW dealership in the city.

around the nation offer degrees, diplomas and certificates in various
concentrations of Automotive Technology, Automotive Collision Repair,
and Automotive Front End/Align/Brakes/Steering Systems at incredibly
low tuition rates. Atlanta Tech charges $31 per credit hour for Georgia
residents, and $62 for out-of-state students. So, for all you handy
guys and gals out there, take your talents out of your garage and
profit on your passion.

“When you wake up in the morning and
you don’t have to get mad that you have to go to work, that’s a good
feeling,” Lawyer remarks. “You love what you’re doing because you know
what you’re doing.” -kiara pesante