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atl – home of the brave

atl – home of the brave

photo by steed media service

Rapper, Money Is The Motto

With Atlanta’s dominance in urban music being evident on virtually
every countdown, it’s only appropriate that one of the newest talents
to come out of Atlanta would also use the music Mecca as his stage
name. Born Thomas Alejandro Westmoreland, the 20-year -old Atlanta
native whose mother gave him the moniker ATL, is ready to show the
world that there’s more to ATL than what they might have seen in the

“I’m a lyricist and an artist. I use words. When I use
words, I use real-life experiences. That separates me from a lot of
dudes. I just keep my music [more] real than what they’re talking about
and I’m just living my [life] and putting it on [a] CD,” says ATL. With
his first mixtape, Money Is The Motto, which was released independently
on his label Red Eyes, Inc. – already raising eyebrows, collaborations
with Grand Hustle artists suggest that ATL will be the next big thing
to come from the South.

“I feel like there’s a million
artists and for you to outshine and be that next one, you’ve just got
to be honest with yourself [and ask], ‘am I willing to do this?’ ” he
says. “I’ve already been ready, so it’s just to a point [of] when the
streets will be ready.” ATL plans to follow up Money Is The Motto with
Executive Suite. -jason thompson