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debra b. morton- through the storm

debra b. morton- through the storm

photo by steed media service

Co-Pastor, Greater Saint Stephen Full Gospel Baptist Church

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina claimed the homes, offices and even the
lives of the residents of New Orleans. The storm was so devastating
that those who escaped with their lives were considered fortunate.
Debra B. Morton, co-pastor of Greater Saint Stephen Full Gospel Baptist
Church, and her family were among the lucky survivors. “After Katrina I
realized I lost my home, I lost my cars, and a lot of furniture I had
bought from Africa but I had blessings that money can’t buy. I had my
children and my husband,” she shares.

Although the hurricane
was detrimental for many people, Morton saw it as a new beginning. “I
started to focus on what is accessible to me,” Morton says. “I have a
little saying, ‘capture yours,’ because I believe we should capture
what we feel is important in life and cherish it forever.” One way she
felt people could capture life’s smaller gifts was in a bottle. “God
says, ‘I will give you witty inventions.’ I have a new fragrance
called, Blessings in a Bottle because something as simple as a
fragrance can change your whole mood and perspective on things,” Morton

Morton hopes her new fragrance will inspire others to
cherish their blessings too, no matter their situation or station in
life. “Every batch will have a different blessing in the bottle and the
first one is love,” she says, smiling. “I believe that blessings come
from above and life has many. One of those blessings is the gift of
fragrance.” – jamana Jamison