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kid capri- resurrecting an industry

kid capri- resurrecting an industry

photo by steed media service

Hip-Hop DJ

concert is completely sold out in an arena that seats thousands of
fans. The lights dim, and every person’s heart races rapidly in
anticipation. The music bumps through the speakers simultaneously as
that familiar voice explodes over the microphone, “I am your DJ
KKKIIIDDD CAPRI!! The crowd goes wild and it becomes another show that
proves that this hip-hop DJ still has the swagger to rock the
turntables. “When I first walk [into] a show, I know where to go when I
hit that stage. I always try to stay on top of my game, so when the
people leave they feel better than when they came in,” explains Capri.

31 years since he first touched a turntable, Capri is confident his new
music label, No Kidn Records – along with other business ventures, will
help the struggling hip-hop industry reclaim its musical crown. “We’re
starting a new network, called The Real Hip-Hop Network. It’s going to
uplift hip-hop and bring hip-hop back [to] where it’s supposed to be,”
he says.

In addition to being an executive producer for the
new network, Capri recently wrapped up a film, The Craziest Kid, that
will give fans an inside look on his lifestyle outside of the
spotlight. “It’s about me and the way that I did it,” he says. “I don’t
get into all that stardom sh*t. I’m human just like anyone else, and
[there] is so much more to Kid Capri that people don’t know [about].” -jamana Jamison