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patti labelle- definition of a diva

patti labelle- definition of a diva

photo by steed media service

Legendary Performer

As adoring fans crowded around to soak in the presence of legendary
songstress Patti LaBelle, one enthusiastic gentleman shouted out above
the commotion, “Patti, you are so sexy!” Taking such an off-the-cuff
compliment in stride, she graciously smiled and then decided to address
the fact that even in the twilight of her career, men and women alike
still frequently comment on her stunning beauty.

“I don’t try
to be sexy one bit,” she explained to the throng of reporters and
onlookers. “What you see is what you get with me. This is Patti all
day, every day. I just let it all hang out, and it seems like people
still love it.”

People still loving her may be the
understatement of the century, as evidenced by rap icons Public Enemy
becoming fans themselves upon casting a glance on the still-vivacious
LaBelle. The group’s constant ball of energy and reality show
impresario Flava Flav may have been the giddiest of the bunch. “All I
can say is wow man,” he exclaimed after LaBelle made her exit. “Did you
see who that was? She is still hot, man. And when she opens her mouth
and sings, you can’t help but fall in love with her.”

So from
rap stars to average Joes, LaBelle still commands the respect and
attention of all who encounter her – a fact that she humbly
acknowledges. “I have to thank God for still being accepted the way
that I am today,” she says. “There are so many that were doing back in
the day with me, that have fallen off the radar. But thankfully, I am
still here.” – dewayne rogers