rev. albert e. love- where there’s a will

rev. albert e. love- where there’s a will

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Civil Rights Leader, Special Assistant to the President, SCLC

One of motivational life coach Tony Robbins’ favorite phrases is
“motion is emotion.” In truth, people don’t know, or underestimate, the
importance of motion. Motion has a multifaceted effect on the human
body. Motion helps regulate your emotions, meaning that a person’s
level of happiness or depression is often in alignment with that
individual’s proclivity for activity. Motion increases oxygen and blood
circulation to and from the brain, helping individuals make better and
quicker decisions and improving the overall efficiency of the cerebral
vortex. Motion increases or quickens your metabolism, which determines
the time your body processes food into, and through, the body. Fourth,
motion results in a better-looking and healthier physique. There are a
plethora of outdoor sports that can help you commune with nature and
that are cathartic for the soul. Instead of driving to the corner store
blocks away, you should put on some good running shoes and walk or run
to that location. Or make it a point to walk or cycle along a different
trail a couple of times per week. Participating in an outdoor sport is
one the easiest and quickest ways to repel obesity and strengthen the
body. A quick visit to will yield a gamut
of outdoor activities to get immersed in; such as bicycling, mountain
climbing, fishing, hunting, cross-country skiing, dog sledding,
snowboarding, surfing, sailing, scuba diving or snorkeling. In
addition, there are eco-tours and cultural tours to try, such as the
Northern Lights Expedition in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, which
features premium sea kayak tours. Or you can try the Northern Coast
Aquasports S.A. tour, which features scuba diving specialists of the
north coast in the Dominican Republic. They boast snorkeling cruises
and diving packages. Log onto to purchase the
requisite gear in order to stunt like a rock star at the corresponding
outdoor endeavor. – jason thompson

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