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ax boys- triple threat

lax boys- triple threat

photo by steed media service

Rappers, The Arrival

Like many children growing up in the hip-hop generation, Cali-bred
brothers Poke and Spank along with their cousin, Xay Xay, love hip-hop
music and can recall the moment they fell in love with the culture.

“We were all kids and used to have fun freestyling around the block and
forming circles battling,” recalls Xay. “All of our friends used to say
we should make a group, but we would never take them seriously. One
day, we were in the garage doing what we [do] and Poke and Spank’s dad
walked in and said, ‘Let’s do it.’ ” After that fateful moment, the
trio began to work to perfect their craft and dubbed themselves the LAX

“What y’all can expect from the LAX Boys is real music.
Yeah, we look good and females like us, but we’re musicians,” explains
Spank with a self-assured smile. “We’re not a gimmick. We really spit
and bring real hip-hop to the table. Just because we’re from L.A.,
[that] doesn’t mean we only spit for L.A. music. That’s why the ‘X’ is
there. We’re international.”

The LAX Boys are on the DUB tour
promoting their new single. “The first single is ‘Ride With Me,’
produced by Jazze Pha. The video is already out on BET,” says Poke.
“Jazze Pha came into the studio real energetic, just like a kid. So, we
felt real comfortable.”

A play on words, since they’re named
after Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), their album is
appropriately titled, The Arrival. “We [have] finally arrived where we
wanted to be in this music industry and we’re here to stay,” says Xay. -adam jones