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del hendrixon – breaking barriers in fashion

photo by steed media service

Founder, Bajito Onda Clothing Company

Hendrixon found herself at square one after being released from prison
20 years ago. She quickly discovered that the job market was
unforgiving to former prisoners. But after receiving several paintings
from individuals who were still incarcerated, Hendrixon decided to
display their work by creating the Bajito Onda Clothing Company.
“Bajito Onda is the only clothing line that’s designed by current and
former prison inmates,” Hendrixon says. “We show people the beauty that
comes from some of the nation’s most forgotten people.”

of the unique designs from the Bajito Onda line include the Virgen de
Guadalupe, the Ray De La Calle, and Al Pacino as the infamous film
character, Scarface. The company has also collaborated with Bio-Wear to
produce a line of hats and headwear. “Bajito Onda means ‘Latino
underground’ in Spanish,” says Hendrix. “I’ve spent over 20 years
talking to gang members and I understand what they go through every
day. Sometimes it means the world for them to express themselves
through their art.” The Bajito Onda line is available in America,
Canada and Europe. There will soon be a Bajito Onda Africa.

the clothing line continues to receive international attention,
Hendrixon hopes to further promote the Bajito Onda Foundation. “All of
the proceeds go to help keep kids out of jail and gangs,” Hendrixon
says. “I stand tall for the people who are in prison and I want them to
encourage others to follow a different path.” – amir shaw