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farrah jumshyd – proud to be naked

photo by steed media service

Owner, Naked Body & Bath

When Farrah Jumshyd, Dena Lader and Janine Abmayr decided to open Naked
Body & Bath, the three Houston natives wanted to create an
environment that would allow customers to have an experience as they
shopped for unique body washes and soaps. So the trio implemented a
“try before you buy” standard and customers have the option of soaking
their feet in a spa-like footbath. Located in Houston’s Rice Village,
Naked Body & Bath has already garnered rave reviews in its first
month of operation.

“My partners and I wanted to start a
business that involved something that we were all interested in,” says
Jumshyd. “We started exploring ideas last year and decided to do
natural bath and body care.”

According to Jumshyd, the bath
and body industry generates $14 billion in sales annually. But she
insists that Naked Body & Bath is more unique than any other bath
and body store in the marketplace.

“We found there weren’t a
lot of bath and body companies that carried natural bath and body
products,” says Jumshyd. “Our products don’t contain parathions that
have been linked to breast cancer. We wanted to provide something good
for our skin and environment. We wanted to create a concept that is
natural without compromise.”Jumshyd believes that Naked Body & Bath
is the beginning of something special. “These products will appeal to a
large audience,” she says. “We believe that once people try our
products, they will bring more people to the store that will see what
we have to offer.” – amir shaw