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tanya digs- socially conscious marketing

photo by steed media service

Director of Emerging Markets in Corporate Marketing, Sony Electronics

Tanya Diggs has expeditiously earned a reputation in the corporate
ranks as a relentless marketing executive who consistently and
effectively executes Sony’s business strategy. As director of emerging
markets in corporate marketing for Sony Electronics, Diggs has been
responsible for creating marketing programs that will engage Hispanics,
African Americans and women in electronics products.

overall is one of the most loved brands and that love of the brand
extends into emerging markets as well. [Because of] the quality [of
the] products Sony has generated for the past 60 years, [and] continues
to generate, people make an immediate connection and use Sony as the
bar to compare all of their [electronics] purchases,” explains Diggs,
who was previously responsible for leading the company’s advertising
and promotional programs for the IT products division.

As Sony
prepares the launch of a campaign built around the company’s
high-definition products, Diggs wants consumers to know that Sony is
not only committed to offering the highest quality HD products in the
marketplace, but they are also committed to supporting efforts to
strengthen communities across the country. This was evidenced by its
major sponsorship of the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans.

“We’ve been in business for a number of years and have had some great
success in the marketplace, so our ability to extend some of the
success that we have had on the business side to communities that are
in need is very fulfilling and worthwhile to us,” says Diggs.-jason thompson