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tracye mcdaniel – at the top of her game

photo by steed media service

Executive Vice President/COO, The Greater Houston Partnership

As an undergraduate student at the University of Texas, Tracye McDaniel
had dreams of becoming a renowned broadcast journalist. But after
volunteering at Austin’s Chamber of Commerce, McDaniel fell in love
with the world of business. Now as the executive vice president and COO
of the Greater Houston Partnership, McDaniel runs the operation for of
one of the largest business advocate groups in the world.

“Our board is [comprised] of 135 CEOs,” says McDaniel. “They represent
national and international companies all over the world. We focus on
business development and public policy that supports a healthy business
environment.” According to McDaniel, the Greater Houston Partnership
has a general operating budget of $10 million and a programming budget
of $36 million. The sales receipts of its 135 board members equaled
$1.9 trillion last year.

“If you take that number, it’s
greater than all but about six nations,” she says. “Our workforce
consists of about one in every 12 businesses in Houston.”Along with her
duties at the Greater Houston Partnership, McDaniel will serve as the
honorary chairperson for the 2007 Pinnacle Awards. “I’m very excited
about the Pinnacle Awards,” she says. “We have Cathy Hughes as the
keynote speaker. She will talk about the importance of supporting
African American businesses.”

For those looking to emulate
McDaniel’s success, she offers advice that should help them prosper.
“In the business world, nothing is constant,” she says. “You have to
always be open to change that could happen at any time.” – amir shaw