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rickey booker – the whip game specialist

rickey booker – the whip game specialist

photo by steed media service

GM/Owner, Icon Auto Designs

There was a time when Rickey Booker’s parents nagged him about spending
too much time working on his car; however, the hours that he spent
under the hood of his vehicle as a teenager allowed him to develop a
passion for automotives. Booker’s passion has since made him one of the
most sought after car specialists in America.

Booker teamed up with former NFL player Jason McKie and former NBA
player George Lynch to form Icon Auto Designs. The company provides
custom paint, stereos, rims, suspension work and restorations for
vehicles. It has catered to several entertainers and pro athletes such
as Anthony Henry, Patrick Crayton, Keith Davis, Marcus Spears and
Terence Newman. “Car customizations have been around forever,” Booker
says. “But with shows such as [‘Pimp My Ride’], people began to
actually see what can be done to a car with a little imagination.
People are now investing more time and money into their vehicles and
they want their cars to be as unique as possible.”

Booker takes pride in making sure Icon Auto Designs provides the best
service the industry has to offer. “If we give our customers good
service, they will return,” he says. “I thank God that I have the
passion to do what I do. I know how to come up with the vision of how a
car can be customized to fit the person. I’ve been doing this since I
was 15.” –amir shaw