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alicia keys – in her own words

alicia keys – in her own words

photo by steed media service

Recording Artist

There comes a point in an artist’s career, where no amount of creative
wordplay can accurately depict the impressive levels of success
achieved. Grammy Award-winning songstress Alicia Keys has reached such
a level. So in an effort to do her justice, we’ve decided to let her
speak for herself. So here is Alicia Keys – in her own words. –dewayne rogers

On the impact of BET on her career.“BET
has definitely been an extremely important part of my career. From my
first record and my first album, they’ve just been with me every step
of the way as a major supporter of what I was trying to do with my
career. So it’s really nice to see BET evolving and shining the way it
has been lately.”

On the excitement behind her new album .
“I get goose bumps just thinking about this new album. The music is
just so amazing. I am collaborating with Linda Perry, who is just
phenomenal, and the music that we have been able to create literally
takes my breath away.”

On an artist’s responsibility to give back.“I
definitely think it’s a personal decision, but the spirit of an artist
is to be a voice for the people. So what better way to use that
influence, than to lead the charge of making a difference within the
community? That is something that has always been close to my heart,
and will always be an integral part of who Alicia Keys is.”