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khujo goodie – it’s all goodie

khujo goodie – it’s all goodie

photo by steed media service

Rapper, Mercury

In an era of black music that’s populated by
trendy dances and ring tones, Khujo Goodie acts
as the voice of reason, bringing substance and
content to a genre that often lacks the two.
With his second solo album, Mercury, now in
stores, Khujo plans to continue serving everyone
the same course of excellence that he and his
cohorts have been doing since the south’s rise to
hip-hop’s center stage.

“I call [the album] Mercury, man, because it’s
a combination of hot songs put together. It’s time
to keep building with the momentum of the
south right now,” he says. “It’s real relevant that
godfathers like myself and the other Goodie put
out new material just to let these cats know that
we’ve been here, we’ve been doing this, and
there’s nothing new under the sun.”

This being his first solo release since 2002’s
The Man Not the Dawg, Khujo watched as thesouth
came under heavy fire due to accusations
of producing disposable music, lacking creativity.
“When people say that [about the south], I
think that they’re just being a little jealous right
now. I don’t think that’s really a positive thing to
say,” he says. “When the other regions had the
music, we could’ve easily said that [the music]
was disposable, so I think people need to just big
up everybody. Don’t just come with criticism;
come with solutions.”

With five songs for the Goodie Mob’s reunion
album already in the can, expect to hear big
things from Khujo Goodie very soon. – jason thompson