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2007 college football preview

2007 college football


Conference Overview: Are you ready for some football?
No, I don’t mean the NFL, as the much more exciting, nail-biting world of
college football is set to take flight in a matter of days. And what better way
to kick things off than to focus on one of the nation’s most exciting
conferences, the ACC.

Stories to watch for: The emotional journey of
Virginia Tech. Who can forget the haunting images of a student gunman going on a
murderous rampage on VA Tech’s campus just this spring? Will this team rise to
the occasion and honor the memories of those lost or crack under the immense
pressure of an entire community depending on them? We happen to like option A.

Brawl Anyone? As the University of Miami gets set for a new season, and
a new regime, will their old thug tactics of brawling on the field still
persist? We think not, but we do expect the mighty Hurricanes to be a couple of
notches below the country’s elite.

Georgia Tech head coach Chan Gailey
flirted heavily with NFL teams in the off-season to the point of having his bags
packed and successor in place. Alas, he didn’t get any official offers, so the
big story line for the Yellow Jackets is: “Will the players still respond to
Gailey, or view him as a traitor?” Only time will tell.

ACC Championship
Pick: Virginia Tech over Boston College – dewayne rogers