dui dilemma

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How do you know when you’ve
reached your limit and shouldn’t
drive? Is it when you get a little bit
more talkative and lively or is it
when your body starts feeling
unusually heavy? Is it when your
speech starts slurring or when
you can’t remember where you
parked? The reality is you most
likely reached that limit the second
you started feeling ‘buzzed.’
Oh yeah, driving buzzed is driving
over the limit.

This past year, it seems as if a
DUI mug shot is the latest
Hollywood must-have, with Vivica
A. Fox, Nicole Richie, Eve,
D’Angelo, Shemar Moore, Busta
Rhymes and more all being
arrested for the offense.

It is illegal in all 50 states to
operate a vehicle when your
blood alcohol content (BAC) is
.08 percent or higher. That hasn’t
always been the case, though.
Up until the ’80s, alcohol consumption
laws varied from state
to state; and in most states, it was
legal for drivers’ BACs to exceed
.08 percent.

The most obvious deterrent for
driving over the limit should be
your putting your life and every
other motorist’s life on the road in
danger. The legal ramifications
for a DUI are stiff. You could face
jail time, vehicular impoundment,
over $5,000 in court fees and
probation. A DUI conviction can
also cause you to lose your job
and have difficulty finding an
auto insurance agency willing to
cover you.

If you’re going to drive, don’t
drink. Call a taxi, call a friend or
designate a sober driver.
-adam jones – adam jones

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