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why rich people study money and moneymakers

photo by steed media service

It was the blatantly ignorant words, which shot out of the face of a
common bookstore clerk, that so assaulted the ears of Tony Fleming
recently. “I was in a bookstore to get Russell Simmons’, Do You … I
asked a lady for the book. And she said: ‘You’re going to pay Russell
Simmons $24.95??!! He’s already a millionaire!!'” Fleming recalled. He
was stunned because Simmons wrote about how others can become wealthy.

Luckily, Fleming managed to swallow the thoughts that had flooded his
brain like hot molten lava. “I was thinking in my mind, ‘that’s why you
are broke, and that’s why you are going to remain behind that counter
selling these books for the rest of your life.'”

This real-life scenario reveals two paramount points. First,
millionaires are, by rule, students of money and of other moneymakers.
“A lot of times, millionaires can say one or two things by just having
a conversation. And you can pick up some stuff from that which can help
you in life and they don’t even know they said it,” says Fleming,
founder of Tony Fleming Enterprises LLC. “So just being in that arena
or atmosphere helps you.”

Secondly, jealousy corrodes the human spirit with cancer-like
effectiveness. “The person that is not successful, doesn’t believe they
can have success, so they have a problem with the millionaire. So they
don’t even want to be around them,” Fleming adds. “Instead of thinking,
‘I can get some information from this guy and expand my life and my
business,’ they don’t believe that. But millionaires who are making it
believe that they can always get more information to help themselves

Furthermore, millionaires don’t park themselves at the curb of life,
idling in their own misery. They are always revving up their mental
engine, waiting to blast into the fast lane of business. “Millionaires
ain’t mad at other millionaires for making money; they just want in on
the deal. Most people who have not reached a level of success are
jealous of those who have success.”

Fleming says, in order to realize wealth, you should place yourself in
the company of people who are already where you want to be. You must
also be willing to invest in yourself – such as seminars or a success
book – in order to learn the same steps that must be taken to obtain
wealth. Most of all: do not adopt the mentality of that common
bookstore clerk – unless you want to be common like she is. – terry shropshire

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