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Politics » Turning the Crimson Tide

Turning the Crimson Tide

turning the crimson tide
photo by steed media service

A crimson aura surrounds the soul that has chosen to be bold. We should choose to to stand up and stand out and exhibit the greatness of warriors who have endured the impossible and overcome the incredible. Gen-Xers should be reflecting and reinterpreting Dr. King’s dream in provocative ways that showcase their brilliance. It’s all right to head bob and spit rhymes if that is your profession, but some folks need to seriously upgrade their interaction with each other. Don’t use your brainpower to degrade and speak ill of your brothers. When Malcolm X said “by any means necessary,” he certainly didn’t mean spill each other’s blood. He didn’t mean defame and disembowel our women for entertainment’s sake. He didn’t mean abandon our children to the wolves in the streets. There is a wellspring of knowledge in the community, but some don’t bother to avail themselves of the precious and bountiful resources at their disposal. How long will it take to learn the age-old lesson of self-hatred’s crippling effects? The black community has thrived in the most threatening times through ingenuity, perseverance, more than a little bravery, and most important, love. Our forbears didn’t have a lock on dignity. Oftentimes all they had to cloak themselves against naked hatred was their self-respect and self-control. They didn’t ask for respect – their behavior, their demeanor – commanded respect. 

Don’t just choose to be great, dare to be so. Be an absolutist. Live your life with the power that has been invested in you by the blood, sweat and tears of the ancestors. It’s all right to be a hip-hop head, but you can be a surgeon, too. And parents have to take on the responsibility of teaching their children about our history. Part of why children today are so confused and messed up is because their parents have not taught them who they are and what their place is in the world. We really can stanch the crimson tide that is overrunning our communities. It starts with self-love and self-respect. Peace. Munson Steed, Publisher 

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