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Politics » HBCU Morris Brown College Rolls Out Online Degree Program

HBCU Morris Brown College Rolls Out Online Degree Program

HBCU Morris Brown College Rolls Out Online Degree Program

In an attempt to cater to working students, Morris Brown College will
offer an online degree program for the first time in the schools’
124-year history. The financially strapped HBCU has found it difficult
to attract students since being stripped of its accreditation by the
Southern Association of Colleges and Schools in 2002. The school, which
once enrolled around 2,500 students annually, only had 240 students
enrolled by the end of the 2009 spring semester.

However, Dr. Stanley Pritchett, the president of Morris Brown, believes
that the school’s partnership with Education Online Services Corp. will
allow the institution to regain its standing with potential students
and parents. “This institution, with all of its obstacles and set-backs
over the past seven years, is managing a resurgence that keeps the
college in the business of educating young people who want to learn,”
he said. “We remain excited and more optimistic than ever before about
our future.” –a.r.

Below are several courses that are offered online by Morris Brown College:

OML 400
Introduction to Organizational Management and Leadership

Examines the functions of an organization. Learners study basic
principles of management to analyze and solve organizational problems
using a step-by-step method. The course covers material comprising the
theory, research, and practice of management. It examines the functions
of organizations and their effectiveness based on systems models.

OML 405
Managing Across Borders and Cultures

This course provides students with an overview of globalization.
Emphasis is placed on understanding cross-nation issues and management
practices required to succeed in a global marketplace.

OML 410
Managing Communications in Organizations

The course work covers strategic communication methods that support the
development of ethical and effective managers at all levels of
business. Case studies are examined to help students determine how
their newly acquired skills will work in a real setting. Special
emphasis will be placed on persuasion and the science behind
influencing decision making in others.

OML 415
Managing Behavior in Organizations.

Key management concepts are studied to understand, predict, and respond
to the behavior of people in real world organizations, including
attitudes, global implications, commitment and work engagement, virtual
teams, positive organizational culture, and the implications of
emerging technologies.