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miller urban entrepreneur series

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Miller Entrepreneurs Series

filmmaker Spike Lee. Music and fashion impresario Russell Simmons.
Radio mogul Cathy Hughes. Entertainment maven Suzanne De Passe. All and
many more cultural trailblazers have spoken at the award-winning Miller
Urban Entrepreneur Series [MUES] – a multicity, business-building
seminar and exposition designed to help urban sophisticates realize
economic empowerment through entrepreneurship, technical training and
job development skills. Dr. Randall Pinkett, chairman and CEO of BCT
Partners, and season-four winner of “The Apprentice,” electrified the
audience at the Los Angeles Convention Center when he elucidated on
creating intergenerational wealth. Pinkett’s visit was facilitated by
MUES and Muhammad Nassardeen’s Recycling Black Dollars. “It’s time for
collaboration,” Nassardeen said. “It’s time for working together, to
better our people, to move forward. There are so many opportunities, if
we would start working together, to build coalitions, and coalitions
will build institutions, things that last longer than our lifetimes.”
MUES gives more than $50,000 to winners of the business-writing
competition in each participating city. “I’m here to encourage and
inspire and provide my observations about what it takes to build an
actual enterprise,” Pinkett pontificated. “I’m talking about an entity
that will last and stand the test of time. Not just storefronts. Not
just mom-and-pop operations, but thriving, successful enterprises that
employ community members and create wealth and give back to the
community.” – terry shropshire