quarbecca tyler – committed to the brand

quarbecca tyler – committed to the brand

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Hairstylist, Platform Artist, CLIO

For a hairstylist, finding a product that can meet the extensive demands of their profession can be a task in itself. But Quarbecca Tyler, hairstylist extraordinaire and platform artist for CLIO products, linking up with a brand that understands that dilemma was the only way to solve the problem. 

“CLIO makes my job easier,” she says. “Instead of using a lot of products to make the hair do what I need it to do, CLIO [has a] relaxer that breaks the hair down, and a conditioner that restores the hair’s original moisture balance.” The Houston native proudly represents CLIO professionally and as a loyal fan of the brand. 

“The things that I look for are a very good product without the extensive high cost,” she says. “CLIO is very inexpensive compared to other products that I’ve used.” The Houston native is passionate about hair, and making sure that her clients have the best products available. “I specialize in healthy hair,” explains Tyler. “CLIO restores the hair instead of drying the hair.” 

As a stylist with her own unique vision, Tyler has to be serious about quality. She has little room for error, but she still has the brass to try new ideas — and her clients are thankful for that. “One thing that makes me a unique stylist is that I don’t do normal styles, I freestyle. Whatever pops into my head at that second, that’s what I do,” says Tyler. “My clients love me.” –todd williams

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