2nd Annual 25 Most Influential Women in Atlanta j to m

linda jordan-
on the right path

Senior Vice President, Mesirow Financial

Jordan loves her job. But who can blame her, when she’s able to wake up
every morning to the bright sunshine that appears when one is able to
follow their life’s calling. As senior vice president of Mesirow
Financial, Jordan is responsible for developing the firm’s
institutional relationships. She has also been entrusted with the task
of marketing its investment management capabilities.

As Jordan continues her meteoric rise up the corporate ladder, her
greatest accomplishment may be her unique ability to remain humble in
spite of her paramount success. “I’ve never been one to look for
accolades,” she says. “I just try to do right, and continue to believe
that if [I] stay on that path, then great things will happen.” –dewayne rogers

hannah kang – grand hustler

General Manager, Grand Hustle

As the general manager of Grand Hustle, Hannah Kang has a lot of
responsibility. She oversees T.I.’s clothing line, AKOO; sports
management; Grand Hustle Films; the day-to-day operation of the office;
and all of Grand Hustle’s artists. Operating the company is something
that Kang does effortlessly; it is being recognized as an equal among
her peers that she finds a challenge.

this industry, it’s hard getting men to believe in women, says Kang.
“You work 10 times harder and make sure you are more consistent than
they are. They don’t see Hannah at the office Monday through Friday
putting in 11-hour days, so when people see me out — they don’t see the
blood, sweat and tears I’ve invested in this company and this industry
just to gain respect.”
adrienne gadling

joyce littel – safe and sound

On-Air Personality, V-103 FM

Over the past 17 years Atlanta has come to know V-103’s Joyce Littel as
the evening’s most trusted voice in radio with her tenured soft R&B
program, “The Quiet Storm.” As co-host of the nationally syndicated
talk show “Auto Scoop,” Littel has developed an undeniable bond with
the Atlanta community, largely due to her consistent pattern of

“I think people still
listen to us as personalities based upon their perception of us and
with what we deliver with our programming. I’ve maintained credibility
in maintaining who I was; very sincere, very honest, very trustworthy
and very loyal,” explains Littel.

Littel is also the founder of The Joyce Littel Sisters Foundation and
CEO of media company Littel Concepts.This Morris Brown College graduate
is a born winner.

jason thompson

erika mckay – healing lives

Empowerment Speaker

Long before Erika McKay became an empowerment speaker, she realized
that her life’s purpose was to touch people’s lives. McKay has traveled
nationally and internationally to speak to people, especially women,
about how to improve their lives.

“I love
to help women take charge of their finances, take charge of their
health [and] take charge of their [lives],” says McKay. “This is so
important because sometimes we don’t know whom to turn to for advice,
or we just need someone who can listen, understand and relate to where
[we] are. Because of [the] past experiences and challenges [that] I was
able to overcome, I have a special talent to help women take [the] step
that they may be fearful of taking.”
adrienne gadling

michelle mcvay – the ball’s in her court

Manager of Advertising & Promotions, Atlanta Hawks

For Atlantans, no sports team is more revered than their beloved NBA
team, the Atlanta Hawks. Michelle McVay, manager of advertising and
promotions for the Atlanta Hawks, is in large part responsible for the
team’s wide appeal.

Whether looking at highlight films of Dominique Wilkins, or the
high soaring antics of Josh Smith, McVay directs branding and
endorsements for the team and its players to ensure the franchise’s
positive public perception.

“We have an idea of how we want the team to be perceived and how we
want the players to be perceived, so we make sure that the message is
consistent, engaging, and definitely creative, because if it’s not
appealing, then it’s not going to grab attention,”adds McVay.

jason thompson

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