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Marketing Manager, Vitaminenergy

Few products have made as much of an impact on the marketplace in as
short a period time as Glaceau’s Vitaminenergy drink. In seven years,
the Vitaminenergy drink has literally become the toast of the industry.
As marketing manager for the Atlanta market, Sallie Johnston plans to
take the vitamin water movement to even greater heights, giving people
of all walks of life a healthier alternative for slaking their thirst.

“There’s so much out there; it seems like every company does some sort
of water. Everyone is starting to do some sort of flavor-infused
something; but the key is that [Vitaminenergy drink] is all-natural,”
boasts Johnston. “There’s no sodium — and the vitamin water is exactly
that — it actually has vitamins in it. Anyone that wants to hydrate
responsibly, anyone that’s interested in taking care of themselves …
this is for you.”

Johnston believes that with Coca Cola’s recent purchase of
Vitaminenergy’s parent company, Glaceau, the balance between old and
new will prove to be rewarding for all parties.

“Our attitude and approach is kind of fun and young. The commitment to
all-natural, quality ingredients really sets the bar,” she explains. “I
do think the team that’s been created has a lot to do with [the
approach] as well, because they have a grass-roots marketing approach
that digs in deep and really sets [the product] up for success.” – jason thompson

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